On an outing that turned into 2+ hour drive to literally no where and back

Jes-Jes: Does it look smokey in here?

Me: Meh, the windshield is too dirty to notice.

Jes-Jes: That’s a win.


If Swift keeps talking shit about my Tina I’m going to lose my cool…

Dear Taylor Swift,

Ignore the fact I think you are ridiculous and that Kanye interrupting your acceptance speech was one of my favorite moments of all time. But when two of the most talented female comedians of our time (perhaps of ALL time) make a joke at your expense during an award show and you get mad it’s because you are too stupid to understand the true meaning of the joke or have too great of an ego to accept that putting yourself in the public eye leaves you wide open for this type of criticism (and, knowing Tina Fey, it could have been WAY worse).

For you to have the audacity to suggest Tina Fey deserves to go to hell for what she said about you makes you a terrible, petty person…. not that we didn’t already know that.

Tina Fey is a goddess and you do not have the right to utter her name, let alone say one bad word towards her.

Tina is feminist. You are not.

Please, understand this.

Erin Burnett’s recap of the situation

More cat bathroom stories

Whenever Lazlo goes to the bathroom he likes to be as far away from his mess as possible. This usually means putting three of his four feet on the ledge of the litter box and sticking his head out of the front. Like this;

This is the best pic I have ever been able to capture of it.

This is the best pic I have ever been able to capture of it.

However, now that his brother has defeated the vent lid to the cat box, earlier today I caught Lazlo pooping in this litter box with his head sticking out of the top hole so he didn’t have to smell what he was making…

Mr. Smarty-Cat.


One of those little things that drive me up the wall

I don’t own an ipod (I did, at one point. But during more desperate times it was one of the first items permanently borrowed to my local pawn shop). I also spend a great deal of my time in my car, so subsequently I spend a lot of time listening to the radio (good old-fashioned, no nonsense broadcast radio. None of that fancy satellite or Pandora silliness) and I love it. Most of the time.

I’m aware most people have become unfamiliar with the ways of music that isn’t on demand, but during certain times of day most radio stations will play more continuous (and generally better) music; for example during the commuting hours or weekend evenings. But right before and after it’s possible to hit these “odd” minutes. When every station tries to fit in all of their commercials before their bulk music sessions.

Driving to work today I hit one of these times. Every single station preset on my car’s radio was airing a marathon of commercials. I was forced to resort to the “seek” button, leading me into another great annoyance of mine; thinking you have found a decent sounding song only to realize a few seconds later it’s the intro to a comercial for a carpet cleaning service or some shit like that.

By the time I got to work I was pulling my hair out.