What this may or may not be, but probably is…

This is a futile exercise of conceited self indulgence.

I’m curious to see if I get anything out of the technological narcissism that appears to be a standard trait of my generation.  I would be more than pleasantly surprised if anyone else got even a little something (any sort of something) out of anything I produce here.

I would be ecstatic and astounded.

There’s nothing particularly remarkable or interesting about me. I’m the product of middle-class, scandinavian parents. I have no unusual or significant skills. I don’t climb mountains or save seals in my spare time (quite the contrary in fact; I consider myself a master time waster and procrastinator of the highest order).

My IQ is average (I’m assuming… that is I hope it is at least in the average range) and I have little to no artistic ability.

Like most twenty-somethings I’m trying to figure things out… Basically everything, including what I want to do (and how to go about doing it). Sometimes it feels like floating around aimlessly in pursuit of nothing. Other times it feels like a helpless, exhausting, never-ending doggie paddle.

There are a few things I know for sure. The first and foremost being that I know very very little. Basically nothing. I know very little about myself and even less about the world around me. I suppose this blog is an attempt to explore a little of both and an excuse to put even a little bit of anything out there. A tiny digital mark of my own.