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Things I Believe In

1) Love; all kinds of love, crazy-stupid love, love of art, love of animals, love of self and country, love of everything/everywhere/everyone.

2) Freedom of press.

3) Taking hundreds upon thousands of unnecessary photos of cats.

4) Mental Health Days.

5) Day dreaming.

6) Karma.

7) Watching an entire television series in one day.

8) Cuddling as many animals, as many times as possible every single day.

9) A higher power.

10) All education should be free to all (as should all health care).

11) Bacon is a phenomenal food of the gods, and should be served at every meal.

12) Reincarnation.

13) Equality. For everyone, everywhere. No exceptions.

14) Marijuana should be regulated, taxed and completely legal.

15) Diet Coke should be illegal (though if this were to ever happen I would be the first to start bootlegging it).

16) Minneapolis, Minnesota is the greatest city in the world.


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