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An Evening with Margs

Margs is three now (!! I can’t believe it…). Now when she tells me storys/explains basic principles of the world to me, she can do it without just repeating two or three words over and over again.

Margs: I saw a ice sculptures! I saw a ice sculptures, they are at the lake. It’s frozen. I could show you! They’re just at the lake. At my beach! My beach is frozen. I can’t go to my beach, cuz it frozen. My snow is here! Wanna see it? It’s out a window, see? Woah…. that’s a lotta snow! You can’t step in it though. You can’t step in it cuz your foot goes down. Your foot goes down and make a hole. Your foot make a hole and… and your leg get cold.

Margs: (While we were “playing” the board game ‘Trouble’) You won! Nice job! It’s my turn now.”


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