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11 television shows that improve my mood

Honestly there is not a lot of television that doesn’t improve my mood… (with the exception of  most “reality” programs, which tend to just frustrate and anger me) but this is a list of some of my “go to” shows when I am feeling down;

1) the Office (US) – this feels like an obvious one to me.

2)Touch- I just recently found Touch and I have been in love right from episode one (I don’t want to admit how many times I have watched the series since then just trying to placate myself until Friday’s new episode……. four… it’s four times…). The storyline is action-filled without being over the top (unlike some of Kiefer Sutherland’s other projects…) and is packed with cathartic moments that will make you cry and think sappy thoughts like “there’s a greater purpose! We are all one!” etc. (which I feel are the best in times of crisis and of course Jesjes hates lol). Also the little boy who is the star of the show (but has yet to have any dialogue outside of his introductory and closing monologues) is such a freaking cutie-patootie it almost makes me sick. David Mazouz

3) Top Gear (UK)– I feel like Jeremy, Richard and James are old friends and if you have yet to see an episode of this incredible series you really really need to and  I am sure you will feel the same after the first episode. Even if you don’t love cars (which, I’m sorry, but is just wrong) you will still find this show hilarious and entertaining and generally mood-lifting. If you don’t, well… then I don’t know what to tell you. There is clearly something wrong with you.

4) COPS – seriously, if you’re feeling bad about your life you can just watch COPS and think “at least I’m not that guy” (unless you are in which case watching it probably won’t make you feel better… unless it’s a My Name is Earl situation in which case, congratulations).

5) Hoarders- similar premise as with COPS, unless your place really is that dirty. *Important note; if animals are involved in the hoarding DO NOT expect it to make you feel better… unless you don’t care about animals, but then you clearly wouldn’t have any feelings in the first place.

6) Law and Order; SVU – yes it’s a depressing subject matter, but for some reason it brings me a great deal of comfort… probably because it’s amazing. But I also feel a lot of the time when you’re feeling down watching something funny isn’t always the solution. Because frankly if you’re feeling low enough even the most hilarious of comedies just isn’t funny. Nothing is funny. Being able to lose yourself in a story more dismal than your own can be very therapeutic (it’s that whole catharsis thing again).

7) My Name is Earl– Jason Lee, Jason Lee, Jason Lee, Jason Lee. I don’t care that he’s part of that whole “scientology-scene” (I don’t want to say anything offensive, like calling it nonsense, in case…you know, we ever meet………..) Also Joy and Darnell are two of the greatest television characters of all time.

8) Trailer Park Boys – Brilliant television, especially considering it comes from Can-ay-dia (Oh!! #Canadaburn). If Bubbles can’t put a smile on your face I don’t know what can.

9) Criminal Minds– This show got me through one of my toughest break-ups. During that time I got the first season on DVD for my birthday and during those first really rough months I would often have a it running literally 24/7. Seriously, by February most of the disks were skipping not from mishandeling but from overuse. Jesjes loves CM and says she still hasn’t been able to watch any of the first season since because she got so damn sick of it…… I still have not.

10) Too Cute – On Animal Planet. Pretty self-explanatory. Perfect for anyone with a soul.

11) The First 48 – There to remind us no matter how bad things get they could always be worse; you could be dead in a ditch on a homicide investigation documentary show with your face blurred out and your pants around your ankles. 



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